Free Hosting Suggestions

Oh, so you think you're funny? If you've made your own Spamusement strip, post it here.
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Free Hosting Suggestions

Postby PurpleXVI » Tue Sep 20, 2005 4:52 pm would be my first suggestion for anyone looking for free image hosting. They'll crop down overly large images, but you have a pretty big amount of hosting, last I checked it was still free and your account and survive a decent amount of bandwidth per month.

If the cropping is too draconian, I imagine that one could split one's image into several, perhaps quartering or halving it, and posting them side-by-side or in a square.

EDIT: I imagined that anyone with free hosting suggestions could post them here.

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Postby Tasty Puppies » Wed Sep 21, 2005 4:16 am

photobucket only resizes pics over 250KB. that should be more than enough for most large, well-compressed images (i.e. don't upload bitmaps! ever! bitmaps are bad for teh internetz)

for the lazy:, I think that's what most people on forums tend to use

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Postby James » Sun Sep 25, 2005 6:30 pm

ImageShack can automatically set up a thumbnail for large pictures, so people get a rough idea of what it's like, then click it to see it in its full bandwidth-consuming glory. Ah, the pleasure of unnecessarily massive images...

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Postby Alph Tech / STUART » Tue Sep 27, 2005 5:09 pm

If it's suitable for reuse on a forum (ie. pwn3d, lol, you can use it as a reply), I suggest uloading it to my good man W3bbo's ForumsPile, of which I am now a moderator-ish being.

Alph Tech / STUART

Postby Alph Tech / STUART » Thu Oct 13, 2005 10:52 pm

I need a place to store a 5 megabyte animated GIF.

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Postby traubster » Fri Oct 14, 2005 10:17 am

Alph Tech / STUART wrote:I need a place to store a 5 megabyte animated GIF.
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Alph Tech / STUART

Postby Alph Tech / STUART » Mon Oct 17, 2005 3:40 pm

W3bbo did it for me. The Spamusement is now up, and I'm sorry if it didn't live up to your expectations. I'm not sorry if you don't get it, though.

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Postby Kella » Fri Jan 20, 2006 1:10 am

I have scads of space left over on my personal domain... no clue what to do with most of it... let me know if I can be of assistance with hosting stuff.

Alph Tech / STUART

Postby Alph Tech / STUART » Sun Jan 22, 2006 12:07 pm

And now W3bbo is deleting my Spamusements. :(

I'll do something about it when anybody cares.

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Postby Doctor Cheesius » Wed Mar 22, 2006 10:54 am

A friend of mine runs this one:

Image<< Click

- 10 gigs of traffic a month allowed
- 5 meg per file upload limit per file
- 100 megs of storage

Just need to create an account.

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Postby crackheadfred » Wed Jul 05, 2006 5:20 am

ill host any strips on my server just email them to

10 TB's of bandwith
500 gigs of storage
super fast servers

hell ill host any cartoonist and chuck in a free subdomain

email me your philes and ill email you your links


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Postby Chrono Crow » Wed Jul 05, 2006 6:19 am

Why do I imagine a Southern hick voice when I read the above post? :?
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Postby Nik » Wed Jul 05, 2006 1:50 pm

I read it as crackerheadfred the first time through because I saw Chrono's post first.
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Postby Null » Wed Nov 15, 2006 9:16 pm

Streamload allows up to 25 gigs of storage for a free account. They can also accomodate very large files.

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Postby Kerberos » Thu Dec 21, 2006 11:16 pm

Doctor Cheesius, Imgplace doesn't seem to actually upload files. Or at least, when I try to choose a file, I get a little window that says the request failed. Is there some reason why this should happen?

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Re: Free Hosting Suggestions

Postby Nyperold » Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:22 pm

Photobucket is no longer a free hosting suggestion, at least for posting images on other sites such as this one. (As a result, any comics that haven't been saved may never be seen again. At least, until I get broadband -- someday, maybe -- and can download the ones that aren't on my current computer and upload them somewhere else.)

Joining them is still free. Having your images there is still free. (At least until the day they say, "Pay us or we delete all your uploads/close your account!") I guess you might be able to link to the Photobucket page that has the image, but I'm not sure.

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Re: Free Hosting Suggestions

Postby WarrenAlsop » Thu Feb 14, 2019 6:23 am

ImageShack is great to work on Urdu News it also set up thumbnail which help to identify.

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Re: Free Hosting Suggestions

Postby Nyperold » Fri Mar 01, 2019 1:17 am

Oh, update: They seem to have rolled back... to "If you have a free account with us, people can again see the images here... with our logo watermarked on top." So yeah, you can see my comics again, just not in their original form.

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Re: Free Hosting Suggestions

Postby chrismachine » Wed Mar 06, 2019 12:52 am

I actually updated their wikipedia page to chronicle what was going on, lol.
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