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Eggplant Mike is a recurring main page character who became so popular that he soon appeared in the Guest Strips forum. He is a giant eggplant with arms and legs and a face. He is smiling and he is very scary. His super power is the ability to give massages to almost anyone.

Steven Frank introduced Eggplant Mike to the world on October 17, 2005 with you are so good to me eggplant mike. He featured prominently in spamusement #300, Stop ignoring me on October 26, 2005. Eggplant Mike made his last appearance on the main page two days later in MASSAGE FROM SULLY.

Shortly after that, he was used in i finally found you! Some time later, spamuser Dween made use of the character in Is It Ok If We Become Friendship? Eggplant Mike has continued to appear as a continuing character in the Guest Forum.

In a rather disturbing event, stevenf discovered Eggplant Mike apparently performing children's entertainment duty in a Colorado shopping mall: EGGPLANT MIKE DISCOVERED IN MALL

Guest Forum Appearances

Title Artist Date
i finally found you! Pseudonym 2005-11-26Nov 26, 2005
mike tax GLmathgrant 2006-01-05Jan 05, 2006
Experience a pleasure that is uniquely yours Bink 2006-02-02Feb 02, 2006
Is It Ok If We Become Friendship? Dween 2006-02-06Feb 06, 2006
Millionaires WILL be made IN 2006! deauthorized 2006-02-07Feb 07, 2006
World Series Poker (Mike featured in ad) Dween 2006-02-08Feb 08, 2006
Between us Yoyodyne 2006-04-04Apr 04, 2006
888! (Features another Eggplant Mike ad) Dween 2006-04-11Apr 11, 2006
noooooooooooo (Edit) PixieWolfe 2006-04-27-01Apr 27, 2006
happy in bed (Appears in poster) Matthew 2006-04-27-02Apr 27, 2006
colonel chaos Judas Maccabeus 2006-05-03May 03, 2006
Get Your Motorola Q Smartphone (Features Mike in phone animation) Dween 2006-05-30May 30, 2006
bunyjefe PixieWolfe 2006-06-08Jun 08, 2006
I'm so very disappointed about tuesday (Referenced, does not appear) Cowman 2006-06-09-01Jun 09, 2006
Do you like number 3? deauthorized 2006-06-09-02Jun 09, 2006
HornyHouseWivesNeedSexxx2 Matthew 2006-06-27Jun 27, 2006
Georgette into reverse DoggySpew 2006-07-02Jul 02, 2006
Fun (Dween's 50th Spamusement!) (Discussion)

Animation: Host 1, Host 2

Dween 2006-07-18Jul 18, 2006
Claim Your Cash, trouble man catastrophile 2006-08-22-01Aug 22, 2006
Claim Your Cash, trouble man (Edit) PixieWolfe 2006-08-22-02Aug 22, 2006
Didnt you know vegetables are good for you?? PixieWolfe 2006-09-02Sep 02, 2006
I did. (Edit #1) giantsfan97 2006-09-03-01Sep 03, 2006
Uh-oh. (Edit #2) PixieWolfe 2006-09-03-02Sep 03, 2006
Tossed around like a hot potato. PixieWolfe 2006-09-19Sep 19, 2006
"You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!"

(Followup to Devilot comment, "Get your filthy hands off Eggplant Mike, you damn dirty potatoes!")

PonderThis 2006-09-20-01Sep 20, 2006
Eggplant Mike wonders what strange and terrible world he and the others have landed on. (Prequel to above) PonderThis 2006-09-20-02Sep 20, 2006
It's not the planet of the potatoes, it's the planet of the... (Edit of above) PixieWolfe 2006-09-20-03Sep 20, 2006
? (Second Edit) Dusk Bringer 2006-09-20-04Sep 20, 2006
Planet of the ... (Third Edit) yankee 2006-09-21-01Sep 21, 2006
Planet of the Apes Joke Audition Today (Prequel to all three edits) Saltine 2006-09-21-02Sep 21, 2006
Everyone will know you visit porn sites Multimoog 2006-09-28Sep 28, 2006
His potato PonderThis 2007-01-18Jan 18, 2007
solvenly eggplant Null 2007-01-22Jan 22, 2007
Whereupon also sat filled him. For I found grace of Nyperold 2007-01-25Jan 25, 2007
CHALLENGE: Josh will kick him out the door Watery_tart 2007-05-31Mar 31, 2007
You... In My Dreams IanC 2007-02-26Feb 26, 2008
FW: Renew your education (On Poster) Clueless 2008-12-29Dec 29, 2008
The revolutionary new way to make fresh juice slydon 2008-12-30-01Dec 30, 2008
The revolutionary new way to make fresh juice (Response) Clueless 2008-12-30-02Dec 30, 2008
The revolutionary new way to make fresh juice (Response 2) Clueless 2008-12-30-03Dec 30, 2008
Lose more with Acai berries [2] TurboC 2009-04-17Apr 17, 2009
qpotato slydon 2009-05-13May 13, 2009
I taped mike farting! [2] Clueless 2009-08-03Aug 03, 2009
Check bra (2) Jax184 2009-09-30Sep 30, 2009
Mike in trouble! DaVince 2009-10-25Oct 25, 2009
Mike, update on blastoff‏ slydon 2009-11-16Nov 16, 2009
YOU need a better JOB. Why not become a MASSAGE THERAPIST?? Null 2010-05-13May 13, 2010
Give her fire Null 2010-06-06June 6, 2010
Do I have the right person? Clueless 2010-06-20Jun 20, 2010
See A GeorgeWashington SandCastle (Follow-up) Toothygrin 2010-08-06Aug 06, 2010
Mike in trouble! GregorR 2010-09-07Sep 07, 2010
Forget Us Not! PonderThis 2011-02-12Feb 12, 2011
Coupons & play SPUD-MAN for Potato Month! PonderThis 2011-02-13Feb 13, 2011
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